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January 19 2014

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YRC negotiations

 LTL carriers -  Hi, I���m Mike Regan with TranzAct���s two-minute warning for the week of January 6th. This is our first official two-minute warning of the year as well as in this two-minute warning we would like to talk about the kinds of stuff that shippers and 3rd parties and carriers might find in 2014 so we should also share some information about what���s taking place with YRC. Now with respect to 2014, not long ago i was asked to join a panel of experts and share our predictions in what we will be seeing that we march off into the new year, and I thought there was three things that shippers, third parties and carriers are going to want to concentrate on. Specifically, you���re planning to wish to watch whats happening with capacity. We���ve warned you in other two-minute warnings, if GDP ever got above 2.5%, it may be difficult to find trucks to go your freight in certain lanes and when the us government became available and announced the GDP of four years old.1% for that third quarter, LTL carriers - it absolutely was no coincidence that we saw the freight indexes increasing and shippers needs to are convinced that these folks were actually finding it more challenging to maneuver trucks. The second thing we think you���re likely to desire to focus on is, what happens with LTL rate structures and also the reason for that is because the LTL carriers continuously give attention to density based pricing. Additionally, also they���re going to review assessorial schedules and the basis for the reason is the LTL carriers have told us that the assessorial fee structures are incredibly essential in order to compensate the LTL carriers for the way their devices are being used. The 3rd thing we would like you to definitely focus on may be the issue of vicarious liability in whats inside your transportation contracts, now we don���t must beat this up because we merely covered it a few weeks ago in the two-minute warning, but we believe it���s extremely important so that you can take a look at transportation contract to make certain they protect your interest. With respect to YRC, a few weeks ago, it was announced that they reached a tentative making use of their lenders to restructure with a significant portion of debt, and that���s fantastic news. The actual next thing that YRC must do is have the teamsters to approve an agreement which will extend on into 2019, and I know plenty of shippers and others and also carriers are focusing on this because YRC is definitely an important player in the LTL sector. With each two-minute warning we���re here to remind you that we're on your team and we���re here to help but more to the point we���re passionate about working together with one to become successful and that���s why when you have any comments or questions or just want to talk about the forms of things that could impact your financial allowance in 2014, we encourage one to reply to this ad or give us a call today. Good time

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